St. Peter Combined Capital Campaign: Building Our Future Together

Committed to our vibrant faith, active ministries and a strong sense of community, we pledge to move forward together to realize this exciting vision. Thus, the parish is conducting a comprehensive capital campaign to raise $2,500,000 to address the top priorities in the parish Master Plan, as well as the priorities of the Diocese of Lafayette.

This St. Peter Combined Capital Campaign: Building Our Future Together represents growth, vitality, and a commitment to making our parish a special place for all. It requires sacrifice, hard work and willingness to step forward in faith. It is our time to be ambassadors and invest in our faith-filled future.

All gifts are important and all contributions are appreciated. Most importantly, because our efforts are aimed at building the Kingdom of God, we ask of your prayers that the Lord may bless, sustain and guide our mission and ministry – now and for years to come.

Proposed Master Plan for St. Peter

In June of 2014, with the need to gather input and feedback on the future needs of the parish, Fr. Ledoux established a Steering Committee of parishioners, who presented the Master Plan Proposal through a series of events, surveys and meetings. With hundreds of people providing input and through the insight of a comprehensive Feasibility Study, the two most pressing priorities have emerged:

  • Restoration and repair of the church & grounds
  • Construction of a new Adoration Chapel

Fr. Ledoux had already formed a Facilities Committee shortly after his arrival in July 2012 to begin the process of evaluating all of St. Peter’s facilities. After the hiring of an Architect and in depth study of the facilities it was determined that structural issues and deterioration existed on the Church, Adoration Chapel and St. Joseph Hall.

The estimated cost of these projects is $2,800,000.

Diocese Centennial Campaign Elements

On the threshold of our Centennial Celebration in 2018, the Diocese of Lafayette is committed, more than ever, to meeting the needs of our parishioners and community. After prayerful reflection, the decision was made to conduct a capital campaign to address the many needs in our Diocese. After thoughtful planning, a number of priorities were identified:
  • to empower our parishes,
  • to support our clergy and seminarians,
  • to strengthen our college youth,
  • and to reinforce our social ministries.
This initiative will include financial resources for local parish communities, funds to strengthen current endowments, and resources for projects throughout our Diocese. These Diocesan initiatives have been incorporated into the St. Peter Combined Capital Campaign:  Building Our Future Together.

Approved by the Diocese of Lafayette in January of 2015, the timeline for this campaign is immediate. We invite you to prayerfully consider a gift, discuss this with your family and make your pledge by completing a commitment form, or contact us.

Campaign Leadership

Rev. Fr. Mark P. Ledoux

Honorary Chairman
Rev. Fr. A. G. Nunez

Campaign Office
Karen Broussard


Giving is at the heart of our stewardship journey and there are many ways to make an offering to the St. Peter Combined Capital Campaign: Building Our Future Together. All gifts are confidential and will be designated for the St. Peter Combined Capital Campaign: Building Our Future Together. All gifts are properly recorded and recognized and deposited into a special account to ensure proper fund appropriation.