The overall goal of the St. Peter Combined Capital Campaign: Building Our Future Together is to address the maintenance needs of our church as well as addressing the Diocesan-wide initiatives.

Necessary Repairs to Church

  • Rainwater is flowing under the church and destroying the foundation.
  • Design drainage to divert water away from church and into the coulee located behind the church.
  • Property damage to church foundation will be repaired after drainage problems are corrected.
  • Our church steeple is deteriorating and needs immediate repairs.
  • Our organ is in need of major repairs to recover normal functionality.
  • Refinishing is needed to walls, floors, and pews in church.
  • Additional lighting to church is needed, as well as installation of electrical, surge, and fire protection.
  • Relocation of church bathrooms.
  • Resurfacing and marking of parking lot.

New Adoration Chapel

  • The current chapel has deterioration of the sub floor and porch.
  • The current root system of the Oak Tree over the chapel is affecting the tree roots up to the chapel foundation.
  • St. Peter Parish was the first in the Diocese of Lafayette to offer 24 hour Eucharistic Adoration.
  • The Adoration Chapel became and is a special and significant part of parish life.
  • Prayer in the presence of Jesus changes lives.
  • We are in need of a larger expanded Adoration Chapel that offers secure restroom facilities, secure lighting & monitors, and accommodation for whole family Adoration.
  • There is much support for this project.
  • The new Adoration Chapel is another testament to the transforming power of this ministry.

Necessary Repairs to St. Joseph Parish Hall

  • Repair rotted and termite damaged wood roof decking on both side wings of building, replace roof panels, gables and flashings.
  • Replace gables louvers
  • Replace all side and rear exit doors and units
  • Touchpoint/repair brick walls and replace cracked bricks
  • Replace front windows and seal for moisture protection
  • Bathroom repairs to stop intrusion of moisture issues with mildew
  • Repair floors
  • Repaint
  • Replace exterior A/C duct work and damp proof

Diocesan-wide Initiatives

  • Seminarian Education
  • Priest Retirement
  • Catholic Student Centers at UL Lafayette and LSUE
  • Catholic Outreach to the Poor
  • Local Parish Initiatives


Giving is at the heart of our stewardship journey and there are many ways to make an offering to the St. Peter Combined Capital Campaign: Building Our Future Together. All gifts are confidential and will be designated for the St. Peter Combined Capital Campaign: Building Our Future Together. All gifts are properly recorded and recognized and deposited into a special account to ensure proper fund appropriation.